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eGo-T e-Cig 1100 Starter Kit (Black)

eGo-T e-Cig 1100 Starter Kit (Black)
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Price: £40.99 £32.00
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Model: eGo-T
Manufacturer: eGo-T
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

The eGo-T (black) is a robust, quality vaping device. The 1.1ml tank system drips e-liquid directly into the atomizer. This allows a user prolonged use without the need to add liquid after every couple of puffs.The batteries give a long life so recharging is less frequent than smaller devices. The eGo-T atomisers included in the starter kit provide the customer with a greater "throat hit." The coating of this e-cig is rubberised to give a smooth velvety finish. A touch of luxury!
The tanks have a removable cap that allow direct filling straight from the bottle. There is no need to fill with syringes etc.
The eGo-T starter kit includes:
User’s Manual
Storage Pouch
2 x of eGo-T atomizer
2 x rechargeable lithium ion manual Batteries with the new on / off featurebattery (1100 mAh)
A fast charger (only takes 2 and a half hours to fully charge the battery)
eGo-T USB Charger
UK USB plug
5 x Tank Cartridges (1.1 mL)
USB Adapter to AC wall socket outlet
2 x button protectors.
This kit will give you 2 complete e-cigs in a lovely presentation box.
*Please Note* You will require e-liquid to use this device. The cartridges that come with the kit are blank/empty ready to be filled.
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eGo-T e-Cig 1100 Starter Kit (Black)
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eGo-T e-Cig 1100 Starter Kit (Black)
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eGo-T e-Cig 1100 Starter Kit (Black)
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